A friend indeed !

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Friendship is the foundation of a good relationship, be it blood or otherwise.


  • Dial size: 11 inches in diameter
  • Material of the frame: Plastic
  • Material of the transparent face: Glass
  • Ideal for living room, bedroom, Kitchen & offices


Let this clock be your friend in times when they are good or bad. 

This Printed wall clock will be your friend and confidante when you are wondering in your room staring at your walls.



This clock offers a perfect opportunity, to be there with people you care about -all the time.

  • Once you place an order, one of our team members connects with you to take down the custom content you want to be placed on the clock.
  • The Design will be drafted and you will be sent a raw copy of the same for review.
  • Once you have approved the design, we go ahead and get this clock ready and shipped to the destination.

What All Can you get printed?

  • Just about anything, Your favorite one-liners.
  • Pictures of your favorite memories.
  • Those personal, coded slangs, which only you guys understand.

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