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Wooden Gramophone, Manual wind up + One Free record.

Wooden Gramophone, Manual wind up + One Free record.


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Listening to this is a different and relaxing experience. Put the record on the turntable, sit down in a comfortable chair, and browse through album artwork while listening to 15 - 25 minutes of uninterrupted music with a warm sound that you just can’t get from digital.
Size: 28" inches tall with a horn in place wooden case part is: 14" dia by 7" tall brass horn is: 14" diameter at widest point vintage reproduction wind up gramophone 4 corner brass horn working condition 78 rpm.
The package consists of a wooden case, brass horn, winding handle, 10 needles, sound box. Don't miss this opportunity to grab this unique gramophone. We assure you about the quality of the product, it's a world-class finished product in perfect sound quality.
Only a few stocks are available with us. Wooden round antique big brass horn gramophone: the gramophone gives your living room an elegant unique look and is a showpiece.
 Package content: One gramophone with complete accessories (one horn, one sound box, one winding key, 10-15 needles, one random 78 rpm record )
Material: Kel Wood and Brass
Size and Dimensions : 15 x 15 x 24 inches ( LxBxH )
This Gramophone is a wind-up record player. The sound of the vibrating needle is amplified acoustically. This Gramophone Only Plays 78 RPM Records.

Handcrafted Stylus for accurate Music reading and clear sound.


The stylus is the part of the gramophone that made contact with the audio disc to read the music. Early models employed sapphires and diamonds until being replaced by copper or steel in the early 1900s.


The turntable portion of the gramophone used a round steel or aluminum spindle topped with a rubber disc. This assisted in keeping the audio disc in place and isolate the vibrations as the steel disc turned.


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